10 Cuentos de Pedro Urdemales

The 10 tales of Pedro Urdemales is a compilation of short countryside stories. What I had to do was to create a logo, illustrate and diagram this recompilation book. This is an editorial and illustration work, but I decided to put it in this section because I think what really stands out in this book are the illustrations.


The whole book is based on three colors, red, white and black, to keep it simple and minimalist. Most of the stories involve death and tragedy, which is why I added the red color, in contrast with the black it gives a certain feeling of tragedy and disaster without having to be necessarily explicit.



Lobby, el vínculo entre dinero y el poder

Lobby, the link between money and power, it is a thesis of three journalism students. They asked me to create the cover of the book. For this project I came with the idea of doing a illustrated cover, representing two entities involved in the lobby this students where speaking of, money and power.


            I also did the diagramming of tis book




Newen means strength in Mapundungun, the language of the Mapuches, the natives of my country, Chile. This was a undergrad exam for which I had to create series of games for children. For this assignment I had to came up with a name, logo, illustration, advertising, packaging and create the toys. I decided to create games based on the Mapuches traditions and games. That is why I chose a Mapudungun name and why I used raw materials for the toys, trying to keep the essence of the Mapuches and their contact with nature.


Personal Proyects


FU Wallpaper

One day I was listening to Miley Cyrus song FU and I came up with the idea of writing down the lyrics with a fountain pen. Then I scanned it and process it in illustrator to create wallpapers.



Bridal Shower Invitation

Despite the fact that the only illustration on this projects it is that tiny cocktail icon, I wanted to put it here because it is more of a personal project. I did this bridal shower invitation for a friend. The theme was tropical, that how I came up with all these bright colours and fowers.



Birthday Invitation

This invitation was created for a "Underwater Fantasy" themed birthday party.

Digital Invitation   

Digital Invitation


Facebook Cover for the event

Facebook Cover for the event